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My Favorite Products

Here are a few of my favorite products with links:


VRAI - clean makeup that's not an MLM. This has totally cleared my pores and I'm so excited for all the new products coming out soon (not an MLM) - https://350770.myshopify.com/kandywhitep7 (affilliate link)

Young Living (oils, clean home products, skin care, vitamins, etc.) - https://www.youngliving.com/us/en/referral/2277635

Some of my favorite fragrances to diffuse in the shop yy r4 ;l;;;are Stress Away, Christmas Spirit (may be out of stock for the season), Gentle Baby, Abundance & Joy together, 

Hair plopper - https://moonstoneseven.com/collections/the-hair-plops/products/the-plop

Silk hair sleep fold - https://paradisefold.com/en-us